WinStar World – Largest Casino In World

WINStar World Casino caters to all ages and interests. From beginner gamers, to seasoned pros, from families to couples, from businesses to retirement homes, from every walk of life, this giant doesn’t discriminate. In fact, with around 600,000 square feet of total gaming space, it delivers an overwhelming knockout blow to competitors with its seven hundred plus slot machines, up to 100 game tables, and even non-smokers, with its safe, non-smoking area. You’ll find a world of action waiting for you when you enter the doors.

WinStar World Casino

Don’t be afraid to take a break from the slots! You can try your luck at the billiard tables, the craps table, or perhaps you’d rather get up and go bowling. Whatever your pleasure, you won’t be disappointed with what WINStar World has to offer. Their restaurants provide some awesome tasting foods. The restaurants are located all over the place, from the lobby to the front of the building.

No matter where you are in OKC, whether at the airport, at the top of the skyscrapers, or walking along the beautiful river, you’ll discover that WinStar World is the place to be. When you win a game, you can cash it in for instant winnings and bonuses, or roll credits to buy future spins on the machines. But if you want to leave the premises, you can pay with money tied up in a safe and secure account. As you can imagine, it’s no small wonder that they have one of the largest casino floor spaces in all of the planet.

Largest In The World

One of the most popular aspects of the WinStar World Casino is the fact that they offer not only live action gaming, but also card and table games. You will be able to choose from Texas Hold’em, No Limit Texas Hold’em, Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo, Five Card Stud, Hi-Lo Draw and the all new Texas Hold’em High Stakes tournament. The WinStar World Casino also offers a special four-hour “Lucky Bag” promotion where players will get three free nights at the WinStar Poker Room. This promotion runs the entire nine hours of the week, Sunday through Friday.

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