Set-Mining – Poker Strategy

Over-thinking is a Set-Mining Poker Cheat that many players don’t know. If you think you have a great hand, sometimes go for it. Sometimes if you’re holding a great hand and your opponent has no cards, over-thinking gives you the chance to make an extra big move.

Poker Strategies

If you over-think you might get emotional and call because you think it’s the right move. Or you might take your chance because you think your opponent has no chance of making a continuation bet and calling after it.

Look for tight bets when you see that your opponent is raising. No, you don’t have to call. Sometimes tight betting is a good thing. Just be careful that you don’t over-leverage yourself with a bet like that.


Your raise could be a trap. Letting-off a big hand early in the game is one of the Set-Mining Cheat tricks. See, if you’ve been playing and raising Poker Trick all the time, you may not seem as good as you do in the paper. You may also seem to be more loose. It’s OK to over-raise occasionally; just don’t let it become your bread and butter.

There are a few ways to play set-Mining in Poker that depend on your ability to understand how the game works. Firstly, you should always know when you have the initiative – if you have the right cards, and the right to raise strategy, then you should play set-Mining. Sometimes you have an early position and just need to act fast, and sometimes you have the nuts and want to sit tight. Knowing when you have the right opportunity to play set-Mining will allow you to make good plays without getting stuck for cash with poor play. Of course, bluffing is an option, but that’s not really necessary if you play correctly.


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