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So, how do we determine the strength of these poker hands charts? By calculating the ratio of bets required to pay off the pot. You need to multiply the number of pot chips by the average number of hands you usually face. In poker, having a full house is better than having a two-thirds chance of getting a flush. Thus, if you have five-card hands, you are best off with Hold ’em, but if you have sixes, you should stick with the four-of-a-kind or five-card stud.

Poker Hands

Our second method for calculating poker hands rankings is based on the straight flush. A straight flush occurs after the flop and there is a strong chance that either one of the two pairs is a straight or a flush. If you get three of a kind, then it is a straight. If you get two of a kind, it is a flush. Play carefully with these hands, because sometimes they can be insane.

With three-of-a-kind hold’em hands, there is only one strong option–getting a straight or a flush. You rarely see three-of-a-kind hold’em hands where both cards are straights or flushes. The reason for this is that these hands are usually valued very low. They are also much harder to top pair or even make a straight bet on.

Easy Bettings

The pot chips are also important. The bigger the pot, the stronger your position will be. However, remember that with the big pots, comes bigger bets, too. One pair may look stronger than another hold’em hands ranking due to the fact that it is rare to draw one pair and therefore is worth more to play with, but keep in mind that if you have a one pair, you have less to lose by playing it and the risk is greater when drawing one pair compared to holding a two-of-a kind.

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