Blackjack Online – Alternative Guide

These manuals are assembled with a group of folks that know how to play Blackjack Online  and wish to assist you become better at it. They’re all free and can enable you to understand different tactics that you have to have so as to win the sport.

The Blackjack Online Overview

The very first thing you will need to do would be to go to a number of the internet gambling websites and have a look around at their own promotions. You’ll almost certainly discover there are a whole lot of Blackjack Quick manuals on such websites. As soon as you’ve completed this, it’s strongly encouraged that you browse through it until you begin to playwith.

I had always suspected that some blackjack dealers cheat in the way they deal hands. I finally have confirmation from a retired BJ dealer in Las Vegas. I had noticed that some dealers, especially men with large hands, will deal the first two cards to each player in a normal fashion, but when they deal the final determining card on a large bet or large double down, all of a sudden their hands go through some contortion and the player receives a losing card. Some of these dealers are real “mechanics” and can deal the second or bottom card, which they know the value of when they shuffle the deck, to defeat a player’s hand when it suits them to do so.

Also part of the cheat scam are some Pit Bosses, “coolers” (casino employess posing as players to disrupt the flow of the cards, i.e. splitting tens and fives, and taking bust cards when the dealers shows a weak 4,5 or 6) and cocktail waitresses who “accidentally” distract a player with some minor detail or comment during a big bet so the player doesn’t see a dirty deal. The retired dealer who confirmed all this to me said that the old mob-owned casinos required this conduct from their dealers, and although current corporate-owned casinos may not openly require it, the casinos do keep records of how much their dealers win and lose and this effects the working conditions and employabitlity of some dealers, especially as they age and become less physically attractive to the players.

The Money Side Of The Blackjack Game

For all these reasons, I now avoid all BJ dealers who hand shuffle and hold cards. I will only play BJ at a table where there is an automated shuffler where the dealer has less opportunity to manipulate cards from the shoe. You may call me paraniod, but after 30 years of playing BJ and experiencing many questionable deals and distractions when I had big bets down, i just feel more at ease reducing the opportunity for BJ dealers and other casino staff to cheat me. What do you think? Do some BJ dealers cheat on the deal, or never?.

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